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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Megalo Savvato - Holy Saturday: Don't Forget to break off Kyra Sarakosti's Seventh Leg

Lady Lent (Κυρά Σαρακοστή) 
is always depicted with 7 legs,
one for each of the 7 Saturdays of Great Lent.

Hands crossed in prayer, 

mouth sealed because she is fasting 
and bearing a cross because she is going to church,
Kyra Sarakosti is one of Greece's oldest traditions
made of paper or out of flour and water with plenty of salt to preserve her.

One leg is broken off each Saturday, 
starting on the Saturday after Kathara Deftera, 
while the last one comes off today, 
Megalo Savvato, 
the last, and strictest, fasting Saturday of Great Lent.

Once broken off, it is wrapped up and hidden in either 
the Easter bread or amongst dry figs and walnuts, 
and whoever finds it is considered very lucky. 

Happy breaking! 
Kali Anastasi! 
Καλή Ανάσταση!  

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